Phyllis Lawson Scholarship Committee

Purpose: The Phyllis Lawson Scholarship honors the outstanding service, leadership, knowledge and commitment to CTE.

Meets at WACTA Conferences and as needed during the year. (fallback)

Phyllis was “the” CTE Certification Specialist at OSPI. She joined OSPI in 1988. She began her tenure as an assistant to the CTE program and assumed the lead in 1993. Phyllis retired in June of 2014. As a CTE Certification Specialist, Phyllis advised teachers and school districts on both the College/University and the Business/Industry route to certification, reviewed applications at all stages of certification and developed policy regarding CTE preparation and certification. The CTE program has over 3,000 certification actions per year which includes first time issuances, renewals/re-issuances, and other certification actions. In addition, she networked with the CTE Pathways to be kept abreast of current issues and curriculum. Phyllis always said that the best part of her job was working with people – especially individual teachers and district personnel. Phyllis has a degree in Family and Consumer Science Education and has worked on a Master’s in Mental Health Counseling at St. Martin’s University.

In October of 2007, WACTA officially changed the name of its scholarship to the Phyllis Lawson Scholarship. This dedication and honor represents the years of outstanding service, leadership, knowledge and commitment to CTE on behalf of such a phenomenal person…..Phyllis Lawson.

Up to Ten (10) scholarships are awarded annually to Washington State student candidates who are in the current graduating class and has distinguished him/herself in the field of Career and Technical Education.

Special Reminders

  • Only one application is accepted per high school. Please check your local district/school procedures for selection process
  • A current WACTA member must sign the application
  • Failure to complete the application or follow the above guidelines will result in disqualification



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Submit PDF application and all supporting documents in the Google Form by January 12, 2024, by 11:59pm.

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