Benefits of WACTA Membership

Reasons to be a Member

  • TEAM – Together Everyone Accomplishes More
  • Take an active role in your profession and join your colleagues and community partners in making a difference.
  • Get up to date information through area meetings, conferences, email distribution, and website updates.
  • Learn about changes in policy, procedures, educational initiatives, and how to support your staff and students to meet the CTE program requirements.
  • Access to experienced CTE Directors and helpful strategies to implement program standards
  • Conferences that offer best practice resources
  • One stop shopping for using our member portal to access consolidated information from experts in the field
  • Collaboration around the state expands your network
  • Mentorship!!


Membership is processed through WA-ACTE

STEP 2:  Register online or print paper form for PO purchases
STEP 3:  Select ACTIVE membership for $75 (CTE Admin/CTE OSPI) or ASSOCIATE membership for $50 (non-CTE Admin/Interns/1 st  Year Members)

Keep in Mind…

  • Membership is valid from July 1 – June 30 of each year no matter when you pay.
  • WA-ACTE Summer conference registration only includes WA-ACTE membership.  Be sure to ADD WACTA and other section or national dues.
  • If you membership with WACTA expires, you will not have access to the Member Resource Portal